Thoughts from Barcelona

by | 27 Aug 2018

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Thoughts from Barcelona
Sitting here in beautiful Barcelona, contemplating my business.
How much I truly love what I do,
The freaking fabulous women I get to work with and support,
The massive transformations that take place.

But I still remember so clearly the days when I thought it would never happen, when 5k months, never mind 20k months felt like just a dream.

But you know what I love just as much as the beautiful community I have grown?

It’s the fact that I get to be totally, absolutely me!!?

That I don’t feel the need to filter, that I don’t need makeup or a mask to make it.

That I can actually lean into being more and more of myself every single day.

Because I believe we need to be REAL when it comes to building a great business,

Because the world is already too full of lies and fakery.

Because when we simply focus on being ourselves in our business, give massive value, show up fully for our clients, we really can’t fail!!

The way to success is real ?☀️??

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