This is why you need a Facebook Group for your Business

by | 11 Aug 2021

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When you use your Facebook business page, and a Facebook group together in combination, they are a powerhouse, they work in different ways. Your Facebook business page is like your shop front where you show the world what you do.

A group works in a different way to that, a group, creates a community. You might have heard the saying, content is king, well, let me tell you, COMMUNITY IS QUEEN. People crave community, people crave connection. We are all hardwired within ourselves, to want and desire that connection. We can look at someone and say wow, this person holds the same beliefs and values as I do, this person is on a similar journey to me, it stops us from feeling alone, it makes us feel part of the collective. And I think if this past year shows us anything, it is the power of the collective, the importance of community and connection.

When you create a space for your ideal clients, they can connect, and they can be part of something bigger. When they can feel like they belong, people no longer feel alone, and that is transformative. When you create a community, you build this beautiful space that holds your soul clients, that magnetises you. That is what makes Facebook groups, an absolute powerhouse and an absolute game changer.

Facebook groups are a game changer for your business, because people crave connection and community, and want to be around like-minded people. That must sit at the heart of your group and that’s what we’re going to be delving into today. Facebook has over 2.8 billion active users and 1.4 billion people use Facebook groups each week.


The Facebook algorithm support groups much more than pages. You might post something on your page, and only 1-2% of the people who like your page will see it. But 40 to 50% of the people in your group will see your posts. When you post on your business page, Facebook will only show that post to 1-2% of the people who have liked your business page. So, if you have 100 people who have liked your business page, Facebook will only show it to 1-2 people. If both of those people act on it, then Facebook will show it to more people because see that people like this post and will push it out a bit more, whereas in your group 40 to 50% see.

Facebook will also actually help you to promote your group. If your group is doing well, Facebook will show your group to people that it thinks is an ideal fit for your group. So, Facebook really does a lot to support Facebook groups, above and beyond, a business page. And that is another reason why groups are so incredible.

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