The very first step to your first 5-10k months isn’t always what you might think…..

by | 25 Mar 2018

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Have you realised yet that our dreams are the very first step towards us creating a life and a business that we truly want? Any mindset guru, any neuroscientist will tell you that we create our reality from the inside-out. That our thoughts literally shape and create our individual worlds. And yet how often do we actually give ourselves permission to stop and to dream? To go into that space of total creativity where we can really dive into all the opportunities and options that are really available to us in our lives.

Do you remember as a child how you would spend time daydreaming, I used to love it…. as a child i would sit there in the classroom, staring out of the window and dive into these big, beautiful daydreams that were filled with endless possibilities, (and so often i would get into trouble for doing it!)

The teachers would be so cross with me, they would say things like, Claire if you would just spend half the time focusing on your work that you do daydreaming you would be a genius!!

As time went on, I started to believe that i wasn’t going to achieve what I wanted in life if i continued to spend time dreaming. I started to believe that i wouldn’t achieve anything if i kept being lost in this daydream world instead of taking the action that i needed to be taking. I began buying into the belief that i needed to ‘put my feet firmly on the ground’ and ‘get real, about how life truly is!’

How often do you remember that time as a child, when you started leaving that world of fantasy and possibility. That world where you would daydream and you would create these beautiful worlds and all these possibilities. To when life, and people started telling you that actually no, you needed to follow the rules, that you needed to stop wasting time dreaming and being in that alternative universe that you would enjoy so much, and instead put yourself metaphorically into a box.

Yet isn’t it true, that the thing that makes our lives so full of passion, joy, love and excitement, is when we’re creating our life on purpose? It’s when we’re getting out of that box that we can so easily be put in and instead explore what we truly want from life. The freedom, the adventure, the love, the business, the money, the relationships. All of those things that make us happy, and make our lives feel purposeful.

If you dive a little deeper into this, how can we even take action that is taking us in the right direction if we haven’t stopped to figure out what direction that is to start with?

When we stop allowing ourselves to dream, when we stop giving ourselves that space to daydream and explore all these endless possibilities and really figure out what life is for us and what we want from life. How on earth do we then, without doing that know what action to start taking?

Action is really important, but if you’re taking the wrong action or if you don’t even know where you’re going, then you’re being busy just for busyness sake and that’s when we get stuck on that hamster wheel, that’s when people get stuck in those jobs that they hate, thats when life feel half full instead of overflowing with amazing possibilities.

So isn’t it time we allowed ourselves to start to dream again? To put time aside to sit quietly, stare off into the distance and create firstly in our minds this life we want to be living?

What I’ve realised is Yes….. I used to love to dream and dreaming is so important for us all, it’s the very first step we need to be taking to start creating the life that we truly want.

Think back to you at 6,7, 8 years old and how you used to spend all that beautiful time daydreaming. Really thinking about all the possibilities in this world, without limiting yourself, without thinking, ‘that’s not possible for me’ without thinking ‘that’s ridiculous’ ‘what will other people think’, ‘what if i fail’. Move all that to the side and for a moment instead start to enjoy to dream again, start to dare to dream again, and then decide what’s the future that you really want to create?

What’s the business, what’s the life, that you really want to be waking up every single day to feeling really excited to be doing? So that action happens naturally and actually that action feels amazing because it’s all about what you want from life, it’s about your desires and bringing them into reality. So chose to give yourself a little bit of space today and a little bit of permission today to start to dare to dream again.

Because we create our reality from the inside-out!

Claire Mac xx

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