The truth about harnessing your pleasure power to call in the business you desire!!

by | 5 Jun 2018

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Ok, so lets get right to the point here – as a woman you are a sexual being, you were born as one of the few species on this planet able to truly embrace pleasure in every sense of the word.

This pleasurable energy, this sexual power, plays a much bigger role then simply in the bedroom or when it comes to creating new life.

Your sexual energy = Your life force energy = Your creation energy

And it is by harnessing this creation energy that you can literally birth anything you desire.

It is by truly leaning into this creation energy that you birth the business, the clients, the cash, the clarity, and the connection that you really want!!

So firstly, what do you find massively pleasurable??

How do you do more of what feels amazing in your business??

I’ve got pretty good over the years, of doing what feels really good in my business.

However, what I have seen a number of times is that occasionally I can get pulled off track. Without realising it I start putting the ‘shoulds’ into my business.

You know what I mean ‘I should be sending more emails’ ‘I should be selling x’ ‘I should be going to networking events’ and slowly my business can fill up with these bullsh*t shoulds!’

If this carries on for long, eventually I feel blocked, I can feel my va va zoom for my biz has slipped and this is when I know I need to remember to go back to what feels truly pleasurable!!

So ask yourself – if you were literally surrounding yourself with everything pleasurable in your biz, how exactly would that look?

Now, it important to mention here, that following the pleasure in your biz is NOT the same as copping out, being flaky or avoiding the things you know you are meant to be doing!!

It’s NOT the same as operating from a place of fear, of scarcity, in fact it is the exact opposite.

I believe that when we are in our creation energy that we are our wildest, most free, most fabulous selves. WE are literally filled to the brim with passion for life and in this space we can feel unstoppable!

In this energy we can do it ALL, with no fear, no uncertainty. Instead we truly ‘Own It’ and call in what we desire.

Now I might hear you asking….does actual sex play a role in this, and the answer is YES, but not in the way you might imagine.

Firstly, its important to note, that sexual fulfilment doesn’t need you to be with a partner, and I’d actually go as far as saying, its even more powerful when it starts with YOU alone.

I believe the ultimate form of self care, is actually self pleasure, and at the core of that sits gifting ourselves powerful orgasms that we can create and enjoy anytime we want!

Too many women struggle with having orgasms and many feel that self pleasure is somehow wrong or embarrassing. It’s time to change that!! We were gifted with these fabulous bodies, gifted with our pleasure zones and we need to get comfortable and close with this part of ourself to fully embrace our feminine power.

So YES sexual pleasure is a part of this, but start with the art of self pleasure, put time aside, give yourself permission – if you’re really ready to see your results soar in every area of your life, gives yourself the 30 day orgasm challenge – and see how quickly your energy, drive, focus and clarity soar!!

Are you ready for a new way to do business?

Are you ready for a far more powerful, intuitive, natural way to call in all the clients, cash, confidence, clarity and connection you desire??

Start saying YES to what feels truly pleasurable, start with the art of self pleasure and see your results soar!


Claire Mac xx

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