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The first piece that to look at is the mindset of growing a profitable Facebook group. We need to be excited about growing a group, we need to feel aligned with growing a group, or it is not going to work for us. We need to feel excited to show up and share in that group, knowing that it is a game changer for your business.

We need to look at what are the excuses that could hold us back from having a Facebook group. What are some of the fears or the limiting beliefs that pop up for you when you think about creating your own Facebook group.

The way we move past those reasons is firstly, we acknowledge what they are. I just want you to acknowledge within yourself for a moment. We need to acknowledge that and then we need to look at the flip side, or what could you create by building an epic Facebook group.

What is your dream when it comes to your business, what are your goals, what are your wishes. Why are you building this business, what impact do you want to make, what do you want to create for yourself in your own life with this business that you are building. And what if Facebook was the key to achieving that in your business. We must make sure that your mind monkeys don’t stop you from showing up, owning your value, seeing yourself as expert and from sharing openly. Then building an epic community, and then of course, we see the rewards for doing that.

I have helped hundreds of women build profitable Facebook groups, Facebook groups that have literally transformed their business. The way that I built my business is with Facebook groups, I built a multi six figure business with Facebook groups.


The first kind of inner mindset shift that I want you to have around your group is that I want you to start seeing your Facebook group, as the home of your soul clients. Just like you would put love and thought and care into building a beautiful home for you and your family, I want you to think about building this beautiful online home for your community. A home that has heart, it literally has your essence imbued in it, a home that feels perfectly aligned for. I want you to start thinking of your Facebook group, as being the home, the heart and the home of your online community.

I want you to think about any home, it needs a solid foundation, because if we start building the house without a foundation is not going to be long until that house starts to fall. We must build a strong foundation because then when we build a home, the house is going to be strong, it’s going to last and it’s going to actually be able to hold your group properly.

To build a house, you would use all the power tools available. Facebook is just a power tool. It is going to make building this house, so much easier, so much quicker and so much more effective. We need to change how you are using Facebook, instead of Facebook using you. We want to use it purposefully.



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