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How to activate your energetic self in your business

 Okay, so how do we start building the foundations. The first pillar of the foundation to your Facebook group, is you. You need to have a clear purpose for your Facebook group. What do you want to achieve in your business with this group?

The second pillar is that we need to be clear on what is the biggest problem of my dream client that I can help them with. And we want to know what their desire is, what is it that they want instead. I want to be clear on both the core problem, and the desire of what they want

For the third pillar, we need to start thinking about your values in terms of your group. Your values are the glue of your group. People like people who are like themselves. The values of your group magnetise our clients. Your values magnetise people with the same values. So consciously, this is not something that you necessarily speak out loud your players, your players will feel it. So, pillar number three is you getting clear on your top three to five values for your group.

When we play on our values, it creates connections and values equal connection. Connection equals engagement. When people feel safe, they will engage with you. So, connection equals engagement and engagement, plus expert positioning equals profit.

 We want to create a safe space, a purposeful space, a space where people are keyed into the same core values as you, so that they feel like they are part of something bigger, because when people feel part of something bigger, that’s where the magic happens. 

 If you aren’t in the Facebook Group – She Impacts The World – come and join us! It’s an incredible space full of women building beautiful businesses from a place of passion and purpose. So join us now if that sounds like you! 


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