From that moment in the morning when you first open your eyes, that little voice awakes with a start – pointing out your faults, full of nasty little comments, trying to bring you down.

You look in the mirror and instantly notice those dark circles under your eyes, or your hair that isn’t bouncy and luscious. You find all the faults and point them out again and again. Almost as if by giving it this focus, and by hating these parts of you enough, somehow will make them change.

You sit down at your desk to work….and yes that damn judgment is still there, who wants to listen to you, people won’t pay that much, you don’t look good enough, you can’t do that facebook live to help grow your business, what you say just isn’t interesting enough.

And this conversation goes on and on.

This judgement happens daily, it pulls you down, it dims your light. But still, you wonder why your business doesn’t have the growth you want to see, why you don’t have more clients, why ‘she’ is making all that money, but you still feel like you’re struggling.

So you continue to compare yourself, maybe if you put more effort into your makeup, put on a dress…..basically build a mask that looks the way you THINK successful people should look. Then you will feel better.

You hide yourself more and more, without even knowing it you lose more of who you really are and you wonder why you don’t feel more fulfilled, why you don’t feel truly happy.

This judgement, this comparison, this hiding the real you, when will you decide to stop.

One day you will look back sadly, realising too late how incredible, beautiful, amazing you always were. You will wish you had just been more confident, more carefree.

You have this incredible gift, this beautiful light inside of you, yet you dim it.

The fact that you exist at all is such a miracle – but instead, you choose to focus on your bum being too big or your lashes being too small!!

Can you see this rubbish you feed yourself

Can you see how ridiculous it really is?

Stop all of this damn judgement, and just be YOU!!

Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, use that as your guide, not others.

It’s time for it to stop now,

If you can’t do it for you, do it for our children.

BE the role model but be it for REAL!

Take off that mask

Tell that voice to leave

Be the light you have inside of you and be unapologetic about who you really are!


Welcome Beautiful, My passion & purpose in life is working with conscious new entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants (just like you!) ready to build a fabulous business!

- Ready to make a bigger impact and bigger income on your own terms. - Ready to live a life full of joy and passion, ready to embrace exponential results...You want to BE the difference & build a thriving, inspiring business doing what you love and helping others with your gifts? - But you also want to be REAL - no fakery, no mask, you want to be MORE YOU and lead by example.
Are you ready to say 'YES' to... Having a fabulously successful purpose driven business, so you can live your calling, share your gifts and help those who need you. Attracting soul clients with strategies that are truly aligned with your strengths and passion - non of this old cookie cutter approach Having freedom & flexibility in your business, working whenever and wherever you choose Having certainty that you can earn the money that you need, so you can finally stop worrying about paying the bills or having to go back to a 9 to 5 job!