If we were only giving our bodies and sexuality the attention we give to our business!

by | 31 May 2018

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How many hours a week do you work?

On top of that, how many hours do you spend doing work related ‘things’ or even just thinking about the work you need to do??

We are all so good at doing all of this work, we have trained ourselves well to work hard and prioritise this in order to earn the money we want.

But within all of this busyness their is an essential part of our beings that is being lost and left behind!

Just imagine for a moment if you gave your body and your sexuality the attention you gave to your business??!

Imagine all that pleasure, imagine all that joy, imagine how freeing and fulfilling living this way would truly be.

We are all sexual beings, but our sexual pleasure is getting lost in all the other ‘important’ and ‘urgent’ things we think we need to do.

What this essentially means is that we are disowning a huge part of who we truly are, and we are missing out on so much pleasure because of this.

So what happens as a result of this ‘disowning’ whether its purposeful or simply lost? 

Firstly we loose that oh so important connection to our bodies, when was the last time you looked at yourself naked? More importantly, when was the last time you looked at yourself naked and felt really great? For most people, its probably been a while.

When was the last time you pleasured yourself? Do you even know what you enjoy most when it comes to intimacy and sex? When was the last time you enjoyed fabulous orgasms? For some women, the answer might well be never!

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a relationship or not – sexual pleasure and that all important body connection are essential parts of our overall wellbeing. Not only are they essential but they impact EVERY other area of our lives….yes, they impact our health, our success at work or in business, they impact the money we make, they impact the quality of our relationships and they impact our happiness.

So how do we begin to re-connect??

Firstly we make time for it, we choose to make it a priority for ourselves. Whether it starts with a date night or an early night in bed alone. The important thing is bringing awareness to this and just starting somewhere!!

Secondly its about exploration, what might feel good to try, where do you want to start, think back to a time when you were more sexually in tune with yourself, what did you enjoy then? 

Thirdly, get into massive gratitude!! Instead of focusing on what’s not working, or the lumps and bumps on your body that you dislike, focus on how incredibly lucky you are to have this body and to be able to experience such pleasure. Start looking for the good bits that you like, start forgiving those you don’t, and remember to remind yourself that you are totally human, and we were always meant to be perfectly imperfect! It’s what makes us different and unique!

So, is it time to give a little attention to your sexual needs? Is it time to reconnect?

Imagine for a moment how different life could be, if you were wrapped up in all that that pleasure.

The truth is, it is right there waiting for you to simply start.


To fun and pleasure

Claire Mac xx


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