How to build a BADASS audience without paid advertising.

by | 28 Jul 2021

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How confident are you at growing your audience, do you know how to, or are you constantly questioning yourself and your strategy?

One of the questions I am often asked is:

“Do I need to pay for advertising?”

– You want to nail down growing your business organically before you start running paid ads. If you can do that, when you start using ads, you will get much better results. You will know how to create those game changing posts, and how to attract your soul mate clients.

One of the struggles of building a business, is how to attract soul mate clients and how to build an audience. A lot of business owners will overthink this, become overwhelmed and then not take the action.

Here are my top key points to help you build an audience organically, bring in clients and building a connection with those clients:


  1. Get Past the Visibility Block

It is a common problem for business owners, that they know they need to be visible, but they are scared or worried about what people will say. We worry about who will be judging us. We all have that fear and worry about what our friends and family will think. These are things that can hold us back, and hold us back from sharing in a bigger way. We need to stop being afraid of what others think. What do you judge yourself on, what are the mind monkeys that hold you back? These will impact the way you show up.


  1. Be Purposeful and Commit

Where are you going to show up so that you can build your tribe and attract your soul mate clients.  Where you feel comfortable showing up, is going to impact how you show up. If you have massive fear and overwhelm when you think of showing up, the chances that you show up with powerful content, creating a powerful presence will be low. Where can you commit to being visible? It might be scary, but there are levels of scary. Your dreams and commitment to your business will allow you to stretch to a level where you feel comfortable to show up. 


  1. Build a Powerful Presence

Be mindful of the presence you are creating online. Think about the words you use, the images you use, the colours, your branding, your energy. Think about how people perceive you. Are you showing up purposefully or are you creating content quickly, sharing other people’s posts. Are you sharing your message with powerful, purposeful content?  If you are not showing up with purpose, no one will relate to you. Your content needs to position yourself as an expert. Start thinking about the presence you want to create and how you want to show up. When you are purposeful, you will grab the attention of your ideal audience.


  1. Show up outside of your spaces

If you are focusing on growing your Facebook page and Facebook group, spending time showing up and creating purposeful content, but don’t show up in front of a new audience, you won’t grow. You need to be seen outside of your usual spaces. When you are trying to grow your audience organically, you need to think about how you are showing up elsewhere to attract people to you. Other spaces to show up in are:

  • Utilise other Facebook groups

BUT there are rules. Do not spam their pages. Do not promote your business on other people’s pages who do the same thing that you do. Do not message people that are in those groups. The good news is that there are aligned ways to show up in the groups and add value. Find groups that compliment what you do. E.g. If you are a nutritionist, join a Pilates instructor’s group.

If the rules of the group are do not promote your business, then don’t go in a promote. Add value and build relationships. A lot of groups have promo days so look out for those.


  • Podcasts and Interviews

You can hold your own podcasts and interviews, or approach other people that host them and request to join as a guest. Lead with value, show that you are part of this person’s tribe and build a connection.


  • Collaboration

Join forces with other business owners, create a collaboration and share your audiences.


  • Article Submissions

There are hundreds of subscriptions looking for blogs and articles to share with their audience. By submitting your articles to online publications, you can grow your audience exponentially overnight!


  • PR

Running giveaways or supporting local charities is a great way to increase your online presence.


The most important thing to remember is to lead with value and build connections. By doing this, you attract an audience that believes in you. There are so many ways to build your audience. The main thing stopping you is your mindset.

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