Before pushing and wanting and working for more….

by | 22 Mar 2018

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You probably practice massive gratitude, you know your a truly thankful person inside. You have big goals and dreams…..and all of this is amazing


While you can be grateful for all that you have

Are you truly grateful for all that you are??

Or do you spend time beating yourself up, telling yourself you should be better, more, smarter, thinner …..

Do you question whether you’re good enough, feel unworthy in some way

Do you spend your time running from one thing to the next….with that relentlessly voice in your head questioning you, pulling you down.

We spend all this time in our lives focusing on how we can be better…..instead of celebrating how amazing we are.

Because even with all our very human imperfections….every single one of us are perfect, and amazing and unique and beautiful.

Every single one of our lives matter so so much.

This journey and experience is so precious….and yet so often we forget to stop and really enjoy it.

I believe that life is about the journey, our job is to experience it fully…..with all its ups and downs, with all its imperfections…..knowing that simply by being here we are worthy and loved and truly amazing.

Yes….we get to grow and be even more as we walk our path….but that doesn’t mean you are not enough where you stand right now.

Grow from love and abundance

Not from fear, lack or scarcity.

Know that you are so much more then enough as you are right now.

Fall in love with you and start with what you already have ?

Much Love,

Claire xx

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