Are you really “owning it” yet?

by | 7 May 2018

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We choose to live life on our own terms, we choose to listen to our own intuition, we choose to follow our dreams, we choose how we want to spend our time, who we want to spend it with, how we feel and who we really are.

If you stop for a moment and look without judgement, are you currently “owning it” the way that you really want to be?

For me, there are 3 core pillars of truly owning it;

  1. Living from a place of passion every single day.
  2. Owning our purpose and following the path we are guided towards no matter how scary this can sometimes feel.
  3. Making enough money doing what we love, to support our dreams and be the difference in the world.

So, let’s dive in for a moment and really look at what this means, without the fluff and b.s. that we so often see.

Passion – I believe that living a life of passion means choosing our focus, discovering what we love to do, connecting deeply with others, coming from a place of love, abundance and gratitude. Passion is a mindset but also a way of being. It’s waking up excited for the day ahead and when we have those down day, addressing what’s creating this and changing our focus. It’s building relationships that inspire us, it’s owning our feminine power and living from an authentic place. It’s taking action that grows us, that scares the pants off us but ultimately feels amazing. It’s saying yes to new opportunities. It’s being mindful of the rules we are living our life by and questioning which are really supporting us. It’s loving and accepting ourselves inside and out, imperfections and all. Living in a space of passion is about daring to dream our biggest dream and going after it with all that we have!

Ask yourself, what does living a life of passion look like to you? Where could you be leaning into this so much more? What is really holding you back? What are you afraid of? What will it take for you to go the next step?

Purpose – Aren’t we all searching deep down for a sense of purpose in our lives? To know what we should be doing? To feel that we matter and that we make a difference? If you had been born with a purpose, what would it be? What would the gifts be, that you were given? Where would your individual genius lie?

When we’re living without purpose we can get so lost, with no direction. We can fall into those feelings of not being enough and feeling like our individual lives don’t matter. Living your purpose doesn’t need to be some grand master plan. You don’t need to want to change hundreds or thousands of people’s lives. Making a difference on a quieter level can be massively rewarding, helping even just one person. Just being the difference yourself can feel so rewarding on a daily basis and bring a whole new level of living into our lives.

We don’t need to get all tied up in knots about needing to know what our purpose. Sometimes it’s not clear and sometimes we really feel like we don’t have a clue but at these times it’s simply about following the clues, taking one step at a time and trusting that with each step you are one step closer to your journey and calling.

When I feel I am fully living and following my purpose, I feel lit up from within. Opportunities present themselves to me, miracles feel like they happen and suddenly I feel really connected to the people around me. When we are in our purpose, it is so easy to feel such gratitude for all that we have and to come from a place of abundance. When we are in our purpose, we can really listen to our inner guidance on what we want to do with this life of ours, how we want to live it, how we want to show up, what we stand for, what we believe in and this is super powerful. Isn’t this what life is really about? About freedom, about connection, about love, about giving back and being the difference? Isn’t this living?

Profits – A long time ago I heard the saying,

“If you do what you love you never need work a day in your life.”

This really stuck with me as I grew up, I absolutely knew that I didn’t want a job where I counted down the hours until I could leave for the day. I knew with total certainty that I wanted to spend my days doing something that I loved, that inspired and fulfilled me. Something that might be hard at times and would totally push me out of my comfort zone but ultimately feel really good. I feel so passionate about the fact that we are privileged to be living these lives of ours, so why would we waste our time doing something we really don’t want to be doing?

This doesn’t mean that it will all be easy sailing. In fact, it could be the biggest struggle you ever experience. It doesn’t mean it’s safe. Anything worth having is worth working for. We want to do things that stretch us and grow us. That challenge is part of what makes life exciting and fulfilling.

Let’s not pretend that the money doesn’t matter. That you are living your purpose purely to give back. I believe that it is only right to be receiving for all the good we put out into the world. I believe that we deserve to earn enough to really live our lives to the fullest and to say yes to everything we really want. I believe we should to be able to put our dreams into action and have the money to support this.

If you have any money mindset blocks, they are going to hold you back. The more money you make, the more resources you will have to help both others and yourself.

So, let’s just pause for a moment. What are your beliefs about passion, purpose and profits?

When you look at these 3 pillars are there any areas you can bring more into alignment? Are there any changes you might want to make?

How could you be being more you?

What would your first step of that look like?

Are you giving yourself permission to really go after the life that you want?

Could you be owning it on a whole new level?

Ready to discover how YOU can take ‘owning it’ to the next level and start to build the business and income doing what you LOVE?!!

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It’s an incredible space, full of women building beautiful businesses from a place of passion and purpose.

So join us now if that sounds like you!

Much love

Claire xx

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