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I believe we each have a passion & purpose within us, waiting to be shared with the world. Our own unique pathway to a life of more freedom, joy, love, connection & abundance.

A life where we wake up each morning excited to grow our business & through it, make a positive difference to the lives of others.

As women, I believe we can build heart-led businesses and financially empower ourselves. Being paid well for the work that we love to do. It’s not always an easy journey, but if you hold the desire in your heart. I’m here to support you in making it a reality!!

‘I am here to help you start and scale a successful business, make a beautiful impact in the world, and in your own life along with it.’


Hi, I’m Claire and coaching has been my passion for over 10 years. I began diving into the world of self-development many years ago and loved the possibility that we could make our dreams come true – with the right mindset, focus, support, and action. This led me on my own personal journey, walking away from a teaching career to pursue my dreams.

At first I had no idea what I really wanted to do with my life, I was a new mum of two tiny boys, just moved around the world to live in New Zealand and realized that this was my chance to change direction and begin building my own business doing something I loved!

Since then my world has changed hugely – I moved home to the UK, have 3 gorgeous children, a super supportive husband, over 10 years experience in the coaching industry, and a successful multi-six-figure business, growing year on year supporting incredible women in bringing their business dreams to life!

I now work with women who want to start and scale a business that makes a positive difference to the lives of their clients, women who dream big, women who want to step into the fullest expression of themselves and embrace freedom, love and fulfillment. I believe that success is created from the inside-out… all begins with our mindset, alignment and connection to what we wish to achieve. From this place, we then create strategies, build our toolkit, learn to launch with ease and sell with soul. Creating fully booked businesses, making we income you desire.

Watching women RISE as they grow their business, build their confidence, set themselves free from the worry, anxiety, overwhelm, fear, that can rear its head when taking the leap to build a business sets my soul on fire. If you’re ready to really do this, I can’t wait to support YOU!

Together, let’s do this.

All my love
Claire xx

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Nail Tech Tribe

5 figure months with a membership and the first Christmas that I haven’t had to buy gifts on my credit card!

I could cry I am so happy, I can’t believe how lucky I was to come across you xx

Clare Walters


Spiritual Life Coach

Without Claire’s support I never would have dreamed that I could leave my job and make my business so successful so quickly. 

I love Claire!

Julia Carr


Spiritual Growth Coach

Claire is powerful as a coach. She is bubbly, powerful and so energetic you cant help but feel motivated after you’ve worked with her! I’m now in mastermind number 2 and chose to stay with Claire because she truly gets to know you. Having a coach is so valuable in your life and you are in safe, empowering and nurturing hands!

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