5 Ways to build your business and get your first paying clients when you have no money to invest!

by | 22 Jun 2018

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5 Ways to build your business and get your first paying clients when you have no money to invest!

We’ve all been there, you’re just starting out in business, you have a passion and desire to build this empire, making a difference, changing lives, earning all the money you want – only right now you have pennies in your bank account and you cannot figure out where to get started to bring in those all-important first paying clients!!

Well, the great news is I’m here to help!

Here are 5 simple steps you can start taking right now to grow your tribe, get seen and book those first clients….but remember, consistency is key!! You have to be willing to do the work and build the momentum to get this business off the ground!

  1. Utilise Social Media

Social media really is your best friend when it comes to marketing your new business on no budget! But be warned, it’s going to take some time, so don’t give up in the first few weeks when it feels like no-one is paying any attention to you!

Facebook is a fab place to get started as it offers so many different ways to connect to your ideal clients, and it has the potential to connect you to millions!!!

Assuming you already have a profile business page, your next step is to set up a business page -facebook make this really easy and walk you through the process – choose a name for your page, an image and you can start building your content and audiences right away.

Here’s a top tip – don’t fall into the perfection camp here, just post!! The more content you write and record the better you will become. talk about your business, share tips, post funny or inspirational tips, show your audience how you can help them with your services or products, post testimonials and invite friends and family to like your page. Don’t be afraid to ask people to share your page and help it to grow!!

Once you are posting regularly, its a pretty easy step to start sharing this content onto other platforms, for example, Instagram or linked in, but don’t get overwhelmed by this and end up doing nothing!!

2. Harness the power of networking to grow your business

Networking can take many different forms, a super easy way to network can often be online, join face groups where your ideal clients hang out, share your content there, ask people to connect, message those who connect with you. When you meet new people, remember to also connect on Facebook and build that relationship – selling to people right away simply doesn’t work, they need to know and trust you first, so spend time nurturing and building real connections.

In-personn networking can also really boost your business, find a local group and pop along (you can usually visit once or twice for free) while you’re their set up meetings with other women to take the connection further!!

If you’re really ready to go for it, connect to different local networking groups and ask if they have guest speaking spots where you can deliver a talk filled with value and really show up as the expert! Ensure you follow up with everyone at the meeting and offer a free call/ freebie to take the relationship further!

3. Embrace Video to connect more deeply and share your message with millions

As I’m sure you know, video is a super powerful tool, but most people hold back from really embracing this to grow their business because of fears the that come up – i’m not ready, what if i don’t know what to say, who wants to listen to me…are all super common fears that hold people back.

Facebook lives are an amazing tool that we all have right at out finger tips, whether you go live on your profile page, your business page, different groups, their is no wrong or right way to do it, just go for it and start being seen.

Talk about who you are, your journey, things your passionate about, share what you love about your business and how it helps others. You can even sell on your livestreams and offer free calls, samples of products etc. Ask yourself, if you felt totally confident to hop onto a FB live, what would you be saying, sharing? How often would you be showing up??

Once you’ve jumped in and done your video – whether its a live or recorded one, make sure you share it (although not everywhere at once!!) Staggering throughout a week where you share your calls will really improve your visibility without annoying people.

4.Find your business Allies and build relationships

If you’re just getting started in your business, i would suggest that you don’t dive in and start partnering with other people too soon, instead take time to build your own tribe and get super clear and confident within your business. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t create support from other businesses that compliment yours.

Building relationships with complementary businesses and supporting each others growth is a fab way to get seen and start selling more. When i first started my business as a mindset coach over in NZ one of the businesses i connected with was a women’s only gym, i did a few talks, wrote blogs and offered some small free trainings that would help these women with their mindset around health and exercise. This gave added value to the gym and doubled my community bringing with it many new coaching clients.

Try doing a brainstorm of businesses that you could connect with and support each other to grow, then contact them and start building the relationships. Sharing each others posts, supporting first fb lives etc can all really help, as its easy for the entrepreneurial world to be a lonely one if you don’t form these relationships and use them to the full!

5.Work on your mindset

The number one thing that determines whether your business will be successful or not, ultimately is your mindset. Seeing the value in your work, staying consistent, taking the steps that scare you, all need to become the norm when growing your empire!

Money mindset is often a huge issue for many women, they fear making the investment in themselves, forgetting the potential of how that investment will grow them and their business and potentially be the catalyst for massive growth and momentum.

I remember i was fearful of making my first 5k investment in my biz, it meant opening a credit card and at the time my husband wasn’t working and we had three children to support – i was scared to death of making the investment but not growing my business.

When i look back now, i realise that this first investment was the best decision i ever made, my business would never had made the leap forward without it!

It’s now totally normal for me to invest large amounts of money into my growth on a monthly basis know that this learning and support is key in me upping my game, supporting my clients fully and continuing to build this business that i adore!

Ask yourself – if you truly believed in yourself and your business, would you feel more ready to invest? What money beliefs or fears do you need to let go of in order to grow your business?

Finally, having a structure to your day as you’re building your business is essential, and having a mindset workout routine can be massively beneficial – check out my free training about creating your magic mindset routine HERE!

To finish, let me share with you the number one thing that will keep you stuck where you are or allow you to leap forward in your business…..

The secret is implementation!!!

Yes, it’s simple and you know it but are you doing it??

Are you taking the action you need to?

Are you staying consistent?

Or are you letting yourself off the hook or holding back?

The world needs women like you to shine their light brightly!! You are a change maker, you have the power within you to impact so many lives and spread so much love in this world.

So please – dive in, say yes to your dreams and make the impact and the income that you desire and deserve!!

Thats it for now,

Much love

Claire xx

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It’s an incredible space, full of women building beautiful businesses from a place of passion and purpose.

So join us now if that sounds like you! 

Much Love

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