Business growth for female entrepreneurs ready to rise!

The Mindset, Strategy and Soul for exponential business growth

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Uplevel your mindset

Visibility with ease

Soul client attraction

Aligned sales mastery

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You’re a change-maker, a dreamer & a doer, you’re powerful and abundant and ready for more!

But it’s time to start getting the RESULTS you desire NOW – It’s time to really DO this!

To be fully booked with soul clients, to be making the 5k, 10k, 20k months you really desire.

To be making a difference and an impact in this world as a change maker & authentic leader.

Are you finally ready to unleash your magic, your genious, all of who you are into your business?

-To give yourself permission to be truly successful

-Dig deep & show the world your GREATNESS

-To stop holding back and instead go ALL IN! To build  this business in a way that aligns with your passion and purpose

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It’s time to rise!

To grow a successful, sustainable, fabulous business the world needs to SEE you, the REAL you with all of your passion and purpose… standing in your truth and leading with authenticity!

People are craving connection, relationships and real transformation.

It’s time to unleash ALL of YOU into your business, give yourself permission to be more real, to be more visible, to market, sell and grow from a place of fun, love and freedom.

To literally magnetise your soul clients to you by being the lighthouse that you truly are.

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Ways we can work together

Business membership


Monthly membership where passion meets profits and soul meets strategy, supporting YOU in creating the business you desire!



4 Month training and live support taking you step by step to making those first 5-10k months doing what you LOVE!

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Next-level coaching, training & support to fast track your way to a super aligned, super successful business ready to rock 6 figures!

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Excited, Scared, Ready?

Under the surface, I know you may have doubts…

-Who wants to follow you?

-Are you really good enough?

-Are you ready?

-Can you really make this work?

However, the truth is you have this dream, this desire for a reason, you know you can’t keep ignoring the call.

It’s time to say YES and grow the business, get fully booked with the clients and have a business you LOVE

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61 Journaling Prompts
to build a profitable business in 2021

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Klara Hodulakova

Mindset Coach

Third week in and I feel like my life changed completely.

I feel more confident, happy, centered and empowered.

I’m so grateful to be part of this amazing group and needed to share this with you. You all are fabulous Claire Macpherson you’re rocking my world every single day X


Fay Murray

Relationship Coach

What I love most about Claire is she honestly care from her core about other women living a life they truly want without fear and judgment. She allows you to step into your greatness and celebrates your success with you. Claire is unapologetic in wanting you to create financial freedom whilst having a awesome time.

I am very grateful to have met Claire and honoured to have her as my Coach xx

Julia Carr

Julia Carr

Elegance Bridal Studio

Decided to take the plunge and joined the Rise Academy……I’ve already made back my first month investment and I’m on week 2!

Its already exceeded my expectations, I’m on the rise!

Thank you Claire x

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This is why you need a Facebook Group for your Business

This is why you need a Facebook Group for your Business

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